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Success isn’t really that difficult. There is a significant portion of the population here in UAE, that actually want and need success to be hard! Why? So they then have a built-in excuse when things don’t go their way! Pretty sad situation, to say the least.

For those of you who are serious about having more.

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Yoga is one of the healthiest workouts in the world, and with the right environment and ambience, you benefit a lot from regular yoga practice. At our fitness clinic, we provide basic yoga training to advanced level courses. You will be able to find the perfect balance between accident yogic practices and modern amenities at our centre. We are one of the best yoga studios in Dubai, and our friendly and trained yoga practitioners will be able to ensure you are doing everything correctly, so you will improve your mobility, flexibility and agility through consistent practice. Come and enjoy a new side of yourself by joining the best online yoga classes in Dubai

Benefits of Practicing Yoga

If you have decided to learn yoga then it is one of the most useful fitness regimes you can follow. This is because it activates your entire body, and stimulates the muscles from head to toe. With regular practice of yoga, you can achieve great mental and physical health benefits. Even if you have some sort of health problem, or an illness, then with regular yoga practice, you can actually heal from it. Sometimes, certain patients work with yoga practitioners to heal them from certain surgeries, injury or illness. It is important that you work with qualified yoga instructors so you do all asanas correctly and with no body distress.

Yoga Services Offered

Join 7 Ocean Master Sharifi, one of the best yoga studios in Dubai is the right place to enrol to learn yoga. We gave regular scheduled classes of yoga and there is a diverse range of classes to choose from. We cater to the preferences of the students who enrol with us, so you can either choose the online model or offline model depending on your convenience. There are different levels of training at our institute, so it doesnt matter if you have never done yoga in your entire life, you can start with the beginner course, and then complete the levels one by one. Our experienced trainers ensure that you enjoy a positive outcome, and will be able to enjoy the multiple benefits of yoga.
Enjoy authentic yoga experience at our fitness centre and better ability and flexibility in your movements. We teach all forms of yoga, and once the courses are completed, you can direct better energy into your body direct it better and enjoy better health.

About In-Person Yoga Classes

You can learn yoga, either by coming to our yoga centre or at home. We offer customised yoga classes for people who do not have the time to travel to our centre. Our instructors will have a discussion with youth, assess your health and your needs and will chart a personal plan that would accommodate your class. We do have online However, if you could attend in-person classes then it could be a great thing because the instructors would be able to adjust your body position physically and correct it. Another benefit is that you will be able to meet with other yoga enthusiasts who have enrolled in the same batch as yours, so you can work together. This would definitely bring down your stress levels, and you can enjoy improved overall health.

About Online Yoga Classes

Don't have the time to visit our fitness center and enrol in our in-person yoga classes? Don't worry. We provide the best online yoga classes in Dubai. We have special online yoga classes for those who cannot come in everyday, but are passionate about learning this wonderful exercise regime. Learning online would be a great idea if you have some idea of yoga or have taken classes before, it would help you get familiar with the moves before you join the actual class. There is a kind of positive energy when people do yoga together, so enjoy that.

About Our Qualified Instructors

We have highly qualified yoga instructors to teach the different levels of yoga right from beginner to advanced levels. Since they are trained and certified, they will be able to prove individual assistance with the different asanas or yogic poses. They can also provide tips on how to hold the posture, and how to do it in the right manner. Our instructors are qualified enough to modify the postures to suit your body. So if you are having trouble doing any asanas, the instructors will be able to guide you into doing it correctly, and reduce the risk of injury. They are very friendly and motivational and will guide your breathing technique to accommodate the different postures, and teach you to do the asanas without any risk of injury.

Why choose us?

7 Ocean Master Sharifi is one of the most reputed yoga studios in Dubai. This is because we have motivated and energetic trainers who are patient and friendly. They will give you personalised attention when you do the asanas and provide tips on how to do them correctly. We have both in-class sessions and the best online yoga classes available at economical rates. We can customise the classes to suit your schedule. Our yoga center has a positive and energised ambience that makes our patrons enjoy their sessions with wholehearted fun and enthusiasm. Come and join a new era of fitness with us!

Why choose us?

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Success isn’t really that difficult. There is a significant portion of the.

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For those of you who are serious about having more, doing more.

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The first thing to remember about success is that it is a process.

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Some people will tell you there are four while others may tell you there.

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Our yoga studios in Dubai are designed for both beginners and experienced yoga practitioners. Our skilled yoga practitioners have years of experience and ensure everyone can participate easily.

There are many benefits of practicing yoga at our studio. We offer a huge range of benefits, such as improvement in flexibility, stress-reducing techniques, focus in mindfulness, and a caring community that nurtures your well-being.

No, there are no age restrictions at our yoga studio. Anyone can join the practice and experience its positive effects.

Though we provide yoga mats, you can bring your own yoga mat for added comfort. We also provide props that will support your practice and ensure you have an amazing yoga experience.

Yes, we provide different yoga classes for various yoga styles. This gives you the chance to explore different yoga practices so that you can choose the one that suits with your needs.

At our Yoga studio, we have experienced yoga gurus, calm ambience, various yoga classes, and above all, a commitment to giving a space where you can boost your physical and mental well-being.

Yes, we offer both online and offline yoga classes so you can choose the option that suits you well. This way you can practice your yoga poses regardless of time and location.