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We have carefully selected the most comprehensive martial art disciplines. All-around physical development through activities that are fun and challenging at the same time is our primary goal. The selected programs can be practiced from age 6 till late adulthood. Regardless of age or athletic ability experience the benefits of technique driven Mixed Martial Arts training.

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Kickboxing classes dubai is a combat sport and a mix of Muay Thai, Karate and Western Boxing. There is also influence from other types of martial arts as well. It is practiced for general fitness, competitions and also for self-defence. Kickbox is a full combat activity involving a lot of punching and kicking, and the participants have to be fully geared with boxing gloves, shorts and mouth guards to do the kicks.
Offline and online martial arts classes on the other hand have codified systems for combat that’s also aimed at self-defence and military and law enforcement applications. Martial arts is also practised for physical, mental and spiritual development and even promotes the integral cultural heritage of a country.
Both kickboxing and martial arts are taught in gyms and fitness centers because they help you build and maintain strength, flexibility, stamina, mobility and agility. Your entire body gets stronger, thereby boosting your confidence level.
Kickboxing and Martial arts is growing in popularity in Dubai, and also in other countries. Knowing these combat sport forms is a great credit because it would not only make you fit, agile and healthy, but you can participate in competitions. And the best thing of all - self-defence. If you know these sports forms, you will be able to protect yourself from all kinds of physical dangers. This is one of the reasons why parents send their children to kickboxing classes dubai. Both these forms are making waves in the fitness industry. It would also improve the reaction time of the learner, so you will be really quick and fast in every way.

Benefits Of Practicing Martial Arts For Adults

If you have decided to learn martial arts Dubai for adults, then that’s a great thing because learning the sport has multiple benefits. The biggest benefit is of course, self-defence. This would increase your confidence level, and you would be able to defend yourself both physically and emotionally when someone confronts you wrongly. Teaching the sport to your kids would also be good for them in the long run.
The other big advantage of enrolling in online martial arts classes is that you get a full body workout in a fun and interesting manner. And when you get that full body workout, it would increase your flexibility, agility and of course, it acts as a huge stress buster. Learning martial arts will also improve your heart health, because it has cardiovascular workouts. The high intensity training in martial arts Dubai for adults will definitely lower your blood pressure and regulate heart health.

Kickboxing and Martial Arts for Fitness

Kickboxing and Martial Arts play a critical role in improving your fitness level. If you are looking for some different kind of sports activity, apart from cycling or running, to improve your fitness, then look no further than these two. Enrol in one of these, or both if your trainer allows you to and you will definitely see that they make you feel better. With martial arts training Dubai, you will be able to sleep well, have better metabolism and you will even be able to perform better at work. People will actually note a change in your demeanour because your stress levels will most definitely be coming down. There is no doubt that your fitness and overall health will definitely improve with kickboxing classes Dubai.

About In-Person and Online Training

We offer both in-person online training for martial arts training Dubai and we have excellent trainers to provide training in whichever formats you choose. If you don't have the time to visit our gym for the training sessions, then don't worry, by joining our online video classes, you can join the classes either through live streamed sessions or recorded versions. The best part is that you can choose customised version, so it would be completely tailored to your time and convenience. Now, nothing can stop you from learning a great sport, right?

Experienced Instructors

Our kickboxing and martial training can be learnt by one including young children and adults. If you have no underlying health concern, then you can easily join our course, and go through our comprehensive, but effective martial art disciplines and make a difference to your life. This is a high energy workout, and we have qualified trainers who will workout with you, guiding you through each step until you perfect the moves. The choreographed movements are set according to the fast-paced music at the gym, and our trainers will work with a combination of different kinds of punches like jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts.

Why choose us?

7 Ocean Master Sharifi is the best place to do kickboxing and martial arts training Dubai. We have planned the sessions with your needs in mind, so you can choose any fitness program and any mode of learning. We have customised training plans to suit your busy lifestyle. And we have excellent trainers and instructors to give you explicit training on whatever fitness program that you choose. Get ready to become a healthier, fitter and happier version of yourself by joining our kickboxing classes Dubai or even our online martial arts classes.

Why choose us?

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We have champions and perfect trainers of boxing who can make you boxing champion.

Brazilian Jujits

We have champions and perfect trainers of Brazilian Jujits who can make you champion.


We have champions and perfect trainers of Kick-boxing who can make you Kick-boxing champion.

Muay Thai

We have champions and perfect trainers of Muay Thai who can make you Muay Thai champion.

Fight Fit

We have champions and perfect trainers of Fight Fit who can make you Fight Fit champion.


We have champions and perfect trainers of Wrestling who can make you Wrestling champion.


Our martial arts services include various disciplines including kickboxing classes in Dubai. This enhances your self-defense skills, improves fitness, and boosts confidence.

Yes. We provide kickboxing classes that are tailored to accommodate all skill levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners. Our instructors provide you with a comfortable environment that will help everyone progress at their own pace.

Joining Kickboxing classes offers many benefits such as improved cardiovascular fitness, enhanced muscle tone, stress relief, and growing self-defense techniques.

Our martial arts training in Dubai is designed for adults of various age groups. This is to ensure that anyone can indulge in a rewarding experience regardless of their age.

It is very easy to join our online martial arts classes. Visit our website to learn all about our online classes. You can practice martial arts from the comfort of your home thanks to the user-friendly technology we use.

We advise coming to kickboxing classes in casual exercise gear and adequate shoes. Additionally, safety while training may necessitate the use of protective equipment including gloves, hand wraps, and mouthguards.

A normal martial art in Dubai for adults or kickboxing class lasts 45 to 60 minutes and offers a thorough exercise with an emphasis on technique, fitness, and skill development.