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THE 7 OCEAN MASTER SHARIFI is the best EMS training Dubai, offering an intensive 20-Minute Workout that stimulates all body muscles which results in losing weight, transforming body and reduces back pain. A German Wireless Technology Built-in to Make You Fitter and Healthier. We have been using the latest technology at fit in time for EMS Dubai.

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Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training is a special type of workout that uses wearable devices. It works by stimulating the muscles with the help of tiny electrodes attached to the body. These will accelerate your workout and are great for enhancing the body toning results. It will also strengthen the body and improve overall fitness. With EMS devices attached to your body you can enjoy far more better results than your normal workouts. You must workout for about 20 minutes a day, when compared to the normal gym time that you have. 7 Ocean Master Sharifi provides the best EMS training in Dubai, and we have excellent trainers who can guide you through this.

Benefits of EMS Training

EMS training is a high demanded exercise because it will target all the four muscle groups and provide an effective workout. These work on both slow and fast-twice muscles, but with lesser time. Which means, you can achieve accelerated results with an EMS device and in just under 20 minutes.
The EMS device will tone a particular muscle group or body part and provides a very exciting high-impact workout, focussing on different muscle groups or body parts. So if you are looking to tone your abs or have a full body toning, you can enjoy stimulated results with EMS training. Unlock each level of training with the device, enjoy faster recovery and with practically no pain. If you have any stubborn fat, the device will work in those areas and tone them.

EMS Training Services Offered

We offer different types of EMS training to our patrons, but mostly we first study the needs of the customer and then provide the services accordingly. The different types are because the different muscle groups and body parts are targeted. This is a once per day body weight workout and highly influential, working about 90-95% of your body’s muscles. Many people find this really beneficial to their back muscles.

State-of-the-Art EMS Equipment

At 7 Ocean Master Sharifi, we use sophisticated, cutting edge equipment that gives you a significant range of motion during training. Our equipments are wireless so you can use them conveniently, with nothing hindering your movements. Our equipment are designed to be highly result oriented so if you are targeting for toned abs or healthier backs, we can help you. They are constantly updated so you will always have the latest ones in our gym.

Experienced EMS Trainers

Our EMS trainers are highly trained experts who are trained to use the EMS devices, and they can adjust this according to each person’s convenience and tolerance level. They will supervise when you are working on the device and will teach you how to work on it expertly and you can enjoy remarkable results with the help of our certified trainers. You can consult with our trainers anytime you need and join our program.

Personalized Fitness Programss

With personalised fitness programs, you will be able to plan a routine that’s suitable for you. This would help you grow in your fitness as your body adjusts to the workout routine. The EMS training cannot be a one-size fits all program, it has to be personalised to enjoy the full benefits.
And one other thing. It is always advisable to have our trainer while you do the exercises. EMS training is not something you do unsupervised. Come and visit our gym for the best ems training in Dubai, our trainers are always available to help you. Get ready to become healthier and fitter.

Why choose us?

If you are looking for high-quality work training and ems fitness dubai services, then 7 Ocean Master Sharifi is your partner. We have the best equipments and highly experienced trainers who will help you with our sophisticated training gears so you can enjoy the best out of them all. We provide our services at exciting rates, and you will have a great time working out with our trainers. Enjoy and have fun. Enjoy a fit you.

Why choose us?

Our key features

Weight Loss

We help you to lose your weight using EMS technology.

Build Muscles

We help you to build muscles using EMS technology.

Back Pain

We help you to overcome back pain using EMS technology.

Free Beverages

We offer you free beverages like Tea, coffee, water.

Certified Trainers

We provide you champion and certified trainers.

Same Gender Trainer

We provide same gender trainer.


Yes, EMS training is created in such a way to suit everyone. Regardless you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, our EMS fitness sessions in Dubai can be tailored to meet your individual needs and goals.

A typical EMS training session lasts around 20 to 30 minutes. This makes it an excellent option for busy people who are looking for effective workouts.

Absolutely. EMS training can really help you to lose weight. When you combine it with a healthy diet and proper exercise, you can easily lose weight, enhance muscle activation and boost metabolism that will give you optimum weight loss results.

Yes. You can merge your EMS training with your current workout routine to get the best results. This will intensify your workouts and help you lose calories easily.

It is easy to book an EMS training session in Dubai at our facility. Just call us at +971 55 5836969 and we will be happy to book an EMS training session for you.

Though EMS training is safe for most adults, there may be age-related considerations. It is recommended to talk with our fitness professionals before you start your EMS training.

EMS training in Dubai offers unique benefits as it engages a huge percentage of muscles at once. It can also provide you efficient workouts and faster results unlike conventional training. However, both approaches can be effective in conjunction with a proper fitness plan.